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Tulsi Gabbard warns of ‘powerful elite’ who ‘want to silence and control’

On Thursday, former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard said the Justice Department that meets parents who mask masquerade and critical racial theory against the school board is something “bigger” than just a Democrat versus Republicans.

The military veteran has a serious warning about a powerful elite which Americans want to silence.

Gabbard made her remarks during an interview with “Fox News Primetime.”

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Gabbard: Powerful Elite wants to ‘silence and control us’

“Every American has to worry about what’s going on right now,” Gabbard told host Ben Domenech. “This is something bigger than Democrats versus Republicans.”

Gabbard further said: ‘What we are seeing here is about the powerful elite in this country who are using their power to try to silence and control us.

Gabbard said that “what is so dangerous in this situation is that the attorney general is arming our federal law enforcement agencies to intimidate and silence the American people to try to stop us essentially.”

The Democrat noted that Americans have free speech, “whether our speech is quiet or unpleasant, our speech is protected by the First Amendment.”

Gabbard said she took an oath not only as a former congressman but also as a member of the military reserve to support and defend the Constitution, and I can hate the speech you say. I can totally disagree with that, but I will lay down my life to protect your right to say so. ”

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Gabbard says her oath to the constitution is what forces her to ‘stand for our freedom’

For Gabbard, her constitutional oath is everything.

She said it allowed her to “stand up to speak out, fight back, take a stand for our freedom. The kind of action we see from the attorney general” [Merrick] Garland, it makes our country look more and more like we’re moving to a police state, rather than being the land of the free, and so this is not the time to let them be intimidated in silence. “

Gabbard said Americans must “stand for each other, for our civil liberties, for our freedoms.”

If Americans do not take a stand, Gabbard warned that “those in power” will continue to deprive them of these rights.

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