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Ciara calls Russell Wilson ‘most difficult man’ after hand surgery

Earlier this week, Ciara opens for E! News about how she maintains her romance with the NFL star, her husband of five years.

“I think it allows us to keep ourselves connected,” the artist explains about their adult time on E! News’ Daily doll. “It’s just very important to find the moments and make sure you keep them sexy and wear them for the evening.

While the power couple is the definition of relationship goals and an example to their children, Ciara admitted that she and Russell fear that day they four year old daughter Sienna start going out.

“Listen, the old saying is very true,” she said. “My dad always said, ‘I got my shotgun ready! ‘So I think Russ would not be different from how my father was. ”

She added: ‘The bowel test is real. As a woman we have a good gut, so I’m definitely going to listen to my gut, so if my gut tells me one thing’s wrong, we’ll find out. “

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