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Pro-Freedom song becomes the most popular hip-hop song of the day

‘This Is A War’ is a pro-freedom rap released by Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy.

The song is about the struggle between Americans who are pro-freedom and those who are against it.

Just a day after it was released, it skyrocketed to the best-selling rap song of the day.

Big League Politics reported:

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This Is A War, a rap song for freedom that sheds light on the spiritual warfare between Americans who love freedom and those who strongly oppose it, has officially gone viral. The new hit song breaks the charts while selling the # 1 rap song of the day; it was only released a day ago.

The song was produced by two men, the famous rapper Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy, a 23-year-old and emerging artist who is very excited to take part in the game. It contains a powerful chorus and an even stronger message: if you do not stand up for something, you fall for nothing.

Other rappers Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy both took to Twitter to respond to the news:

Here is the song:

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