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Parents make a mistake in admitting their children to Joe Biden

Uninformed parents leave their children with Joe Biden this weekend. Apparently no one warned them.

The Daily mail reported this morning on an event in the White House where children were allowed within ten feet of Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden showed that he can handle an old-fashioned toy with aplomb while playing with a yo-yo while giving children of his military assistants a tour through Marine One white house Friday afternoon.

Biden, who hosted a military aid event at the Oval Office, was spotted with the aid workers and their families on the South Lawn where he played with the yo-yo in the photo and interacted with the children.

One young boy dressed in a blue shirt with buttons and red pendants embraces the president’s leg as he turns the toy. A woman in the background covers her mouth and she apparently smiles under her mask as she admires how cute the boy is.

Before the 2020 election, it was known that Biden had a history of committing disgusting acts with children when he was on camera.

TREND: WATCH: 16-year-old Wyoming student arrested for not wearing mask, entire school locked up

Joe Biden’s incitement, finding and sniffing of children and women sought after on video makes Andrew Cuomo look like a beginner

Big media outlets like the New York Times have tried to cover up Biden, but it’s hard to cover up the truth.

NY Times Hack accuses Donald Trump jr of ‘misleading video’ by Joe Biden of women and children … if it really is footage!

Who can, of course, forget that Biden is talking about children playing with his hairy legs?

Joe Biden amazes the crowd by talking about kids playing with his hairy legs and how much he loves kids on his lap and cockroaches … WTH? (Video)

Keep the children safe.

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