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The majority of Dirtbag GOP Senators do not want Trump to run again

Name them.

Republicans in the Senate, who wish to remain anonymous, hope President Trump will not be for the U.S. president again in 2024.

This is the same garbage that President Trump has challenged every day and turned his back on Trump voters for four years.

It’s time to gut the GOP and replace it with people who actually represent their constituents.

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The cup report:

Republicans in the Senate, with a few exceptions, hope that former President Trump does not announce his intention to be president again.

These GOP senators certainly do not want to see Trump announce a bid ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, for fear that it could lower their hopes of winning back the Senate.

More generally, they are generally reluctant to see him on the ballot at all in 2024, because of his record with independent voters.

Several Republican senators, who have asked anonymity to discuss Trump honestly, have said they do not want to see Trump return as the party’s standard bearer.

“I think we’re better off if he’s not part of a story,” said a Republican senator, who said his views were widely shared during the IDP conference.

“He’s a clinical narcissist. He threw the election into the debate with Biden, and he threw the senate away, “the lawmaker added, referring to Trump’s first against Biden, which many Republican senators saw as a disaster, and his influence on the Republican voter turnout in the Georgia Special Election.

One thing is crystal clear: most GOP senators think Trump would announce a bid before the midterm hurts them.

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