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Vishal Dadlani says: ‘Shah Rukh Khan and his family are being used as a smokescreen to distract Adani Port’, Bhumi Pednekar responds to gang grabs in a moving train box | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Since the arrest of superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan In the infamous move against drugs, several questions and doubts have also arisen regarding this particular attack by the NCB. Music composer Vishal Dadlani is the latest celebrity to stand with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Vishal claims that this sensational case is being used to distract the citizens of the country from other important issues, such as the murder of farmers by a son of a politician in Uttar Pradesh and the seizure of a large quantity of drugs from the port of Adani. He calls Shah Rukh Khan and his family ‘soft target’ and tweeted his Twitter handle: ‘SRK and his family are being used as a smokescreen, a soft target to distract from the 3000kg Talibani drug transport by the Adani hawe, and to infer from the murder of farmers by the son of a BJP member / MLA. “He responds to a filmmaker who asks: ‘How many producers, directors who have worked with #SRK for the past 30 years, stand in solidarity with him today?’ On the other hand, actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is an avid social media user and regularly uses the medium to strongly share her views and opinions on various issues in society, expressed her anger over the gruesome case in which its robbers accused of gang-raping a woman. aboard a train from Lucknow to Mumbai. With her Instagram handle, the actress writes a thought-provoking letter in which she says: ‘Shame on us! Violence against women has become an epidemic in our country. We hear daily of heinous crimes against women. From rape to death-related deaths, from babies to the elderly. From hate crimes to crimes out of love. “While insisting on stricter laws for crimes against women, she added: ‘There is a statement for everything. It will not stop until we have quick punishments and laws so strict that everyone who even thinks of such heinous crime will tremble with fear. We need stronger patrol. ‘Not only that, but she also advocated that women’s rights should become part of our education system to create a safer environment for women in the country.

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