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Aryan Khan’s arrest: Shah Rukh Khan’s appearance Raju Rahikwar is upset, knows why | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan’s appearance looks Raju Rahikwar is upset about the arrest of the actor’s son in the drug case. Many appearances like Raju depend on the image of SRK for their daily earnings, and with the arrest of Aryan Khan, it becomes difficult for them to keep it going. According to recent reports, an ed-tech company has stalled in its ads with Shah Rukh Khan amid the ongoing case. Raju Rahikwar, whose real name is Durga Rahikwar, recently chatted with a portal and poured out his heart. Raju, commonly known as Junior SRK, believes that the actor’s family is being targeted and that Aryans deserve a chance. He revealed his condition, saying: ‘I have been out of work for almost a year and a half, because there have been no events due to the coronavirus. Things have just started to look good after the pandemic. I was supposed to be part of a birthday party on October 10 in Jaipur. A week later, I had to attend a social gathering in the same city. But both opportunities were canceled. The organizers told me, ‘People are not comfortable with the current image of SRK.’ It’s a matter of time. I am sure Shah Rukh bhai will come out stronger. Raju is looking forward to paying his children’s school fees with the money. “Aryan Khan is not a criminal,” Raju said, “and I have no charges against him. I am ready to sacrifice my work for him. My identity is because of Shah Rukh bhai. What I have today is because I look like him. He is my God. Right now his family is hurting and I can feel the same. I just want Aryan bhai to come home. ‘Aryan Khan, the 23-year-old son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, has been in jail in Mumbai since October 8 and the superstar allegedly asked his producers to give him a while because he wants to put all his energy into it. around his son comes out of the case. The son of Shah Rukh Khan did not get bail again on October 11. This is the third time the court has denied him bail and the strongid’s plea will be heard on October 13 after the Narcotics Control Bureau submitted its statement to the court. However, the investigative agency tried to respond for a week.

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