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“People wanted him to play like MS Dhoni”: Yuzvendra Chahal in the early days of the Rishabh pants in the Indian cricket team

Rishabh Pant has so far played 25 Tests, 18 ODIs and 33 T20Is for India.© AFP

Filling MS Dhoni ‘The shoes in the Indian cricket team have never been an easy task Rishabh pants found out when he made his international debut in 2017. Pant played as a 19-year-old for the Indian T20I team in 2017. He came in place of Dhoni as a wicketkeeper-batsman, but he was under a load of high expectations and sometimes struggled in his first months in the Indian cricket team. In recent times, Pant in all forms has become the first wicketkeeper of India. That was not the case in his first few years.

As a teammate in India Yuzvendra Chahal recently explained, Pant was under extremely high pressure when he joined the team as a youngster.

“Everyone got used to watching Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni), so people wanted him to play like Mahi bhai. ‘It would put a lot of pressure on a young player like him,’ ‘Chahal told SGTV. said.

“At that time he was only 19 or 20. I think the improvement he has shown since then, the way he has returned, shows how mature he has become,” Chahal added.


Asked how Pant and the team reacted when the crowd sang for Dhoni at a stadium, Chahal replied: “We would tell him to ignore it, because we understood how he must have felt inside.”

Pant, who is now 24, has so far played 25 Tests, 18 ODIs and 33 T20Is for India.

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