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Eric Swalwell destroys Jim Jordan after Jordan calls for a ban on vaccines

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called on Ohio to ban all vaccine mandates, and therefore dr. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appealed to Ohio to file a report of sexual assault on wrestling coaches.

Jordan called for all vaccine mandates to be banned, so Swalwell replied:

According to wrestlers in Ohio State, Jim Jordan knew that members of the team were being sexually assaulted, and instead of reporting it, he covered it up for years and people beg not to come forward and ruin his political career.

Rep. Jordan’s call to ban all vaccines underscores the political cynicism that drives the Republican opposition to vaccine mandates. Jordan was looking for some cheap political points, but what he found was a reminder that he had covered up sexual assault of one of his fellow members of the House.

Jim Jordan is a sexual predator who makes shame possible, who is not only an incompetent congressman, but also an incompetent human being.

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