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Megan Fox shares her battle with body dysmorphia

Megan Fox faced much judgment during her career. And while some may quickly assume she has everything, the 35-year-old actress feels she doesn’t always feel as confident as she does.

“We might be looking at someone and thinking, ‘The person is so beautiful.’ Their life should be so easy ‘,’ she said in a joint interview with Machine gun Kelly for Brits GQ style‘s autumn / winter 2021 edition. “They probably don’t feel that way about themselves.”

Fox was then asked if she felt that way about herself. “Yes, I have body dysmorphy,” she replied. “I have a lot of uncertainties.”

During the interview, Fox also talked about the recent media re-examination of the way she was abused earlier in her career. “It’s something I did a lot of work on,” she told the magazine, remembering how she stepped out of the spotlight a few years ago to reflect and embark on a spiritual journey.

“I did everything you could to try to understand it,” the Transformers star continues about the comments she would receive. ‘Because it’s easy when you go through something like that, you clearly feel like a victim. to me? ‘ You are constantly giving away your power. ”

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