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Watch Jen Psaki close a right wing over Joe Biden

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has shut down a New York Post reporter who has been trying to spread the lie that President Biden is paying back taxes.


A New York Post reporter tried to inject the false and unfounded story spread on right-wing media about President Biden, who paid $ 500,000 in taxes. After chatting to the reporter for almost a minute, Psaki cut him off and said she thinks she knows where it’s going. The press secretary said the story was disrupted, that Biden released tax returns worth decades, and that she went further.

Jen Psaki showed how to handle wrong information.

The false story about Biden possibly evading taxes is so important to the right, because Donald Trump may owe hundreds of millions of dollars to the IRS and is being investigated for tax fraud, among other things.

There is no evidence that President Biden paid taxes.


Right, trying to make the waters muddy to make Trump and Biden look the same in the eyes of swing voters. It was a successful tactic the Republicans used in 2016.

Jen Psaki showed how to handle wrong information. She shuts it down, exposes it, and continues. The White House press secretary did not make the illegal question credible by speaking with it.

Psaki is not going to allow the right to use the White House’s daily briefing to spur their efforts to smear Biden and uplift Trump.

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