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Amber Portwood from Teen Mom comes out as bisexual

Amber Portwood is ready to speak her truth.

On the October 12 episode of Tienerma OG, puts the MTV reality star with her producer, David, to talk about the second book she is currently writing.

“It’s about my life. The right thing,” she teases. “[My first book Never Too Late] was PG-13. I just got out of jail. I was on parole. I just introduced myself to the world again. ”

When asked what would be in the second project, Amber shared a personal revelation. “People would probably be a little shocked that I’m bisexual, that I’m had a relationship with a woman eight months before,” she said. “I think I was about 20.”

According to Amber, the ex Gary Shirley know of her sexuality. Their 12-year-old daughter Leah do not. Why she wants to get out now, Amber explains that her children are big motivating factors.

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