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Pro-Trump candidate Eric Greitens takes command at Missouri Senate race

US Senate candidate Eric Greitens has joined Steve Bannon The War Room back in September. Greitens announced that once he was elected to the U.S. Senate, he would run against Sen. Mitch McConnell will vote as GOP Senate leader.

Governor Greitens was the first prominent GOP senate candidate of the 2022 cycle to take this popular position.

Earlier this month, Eric Greitens traveled to the U.S. southern border in Texas to see the historic collapse of our country’s international border under Joe Biden.

Eric Greitens: “Joe Biden is currently the largest child trafficker in the world” (VIDEO)

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Eric Greitens understands what the people want and the retired Navy SEAL is no wallflower.
He is exactly what is needed in the US Senate today. he understands what the voters want.

A new poll has Eric Greitens with a double-digit lead in the Missouri U.S. Senate race.

This is good news for Trump supporters and the country.

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