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President Trump warns Republicans will not vote and will not win if presidential election fraud is not resolved

A cross in the air during Trump’s rally in Georgia.

President Trump on Wednesday issued a statement warning Republicans that his base would not vote and that they would not win if the fraud in the presidential election was not resolved.

On November 3, 2020, President Trump won by a landslide with a record number of ballots until the Democrats stole the election and demanded that their candidate, a dementia patient who had no campaign, win 81 million votes.

Trump has warned AWOL Republicans that they will not win if the fraud is not solved and criminals sent to jail.
He’s right.

The truth will be revealed.

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“If we do not resolve the 2020 presidential election fraud (which we have thoroughly and finally documented), Republicans will not vote in ’22 or ’24. That’s the most important thing Republicans need to do. ”- President Donald J. Trump

Via Liz Harrington.

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