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The Democratic Congress Campaign Committee raises $ 35.8 million in the third quarter of 2021, surpassing IDP

The Campaign Committee of the Democratic Congress (DCCC) announced it aroused $ 35.8 million in the third quarter of 2021, which surpassed Republican opponents. This number includes $ 14.5 million in September, which is the best third-year quarter in committee history, while fundraising is in full swing in preparation for the 2022 mid-term.

‘We win fundraisers because our supporters know how dangerous it would be for the country if the Republicans were in power. “Revenue is high and we believe voters will reject their dangerous vision for America, which is about pushing junk science while Americans die despite access to life-saving vaccines, openly attack our elections and disrupt women’s rights,” DCCC said. Chairman Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY).

“House Democrats and Speaker Pelosi have stood firm in our fight to build a more prosperous and inclusive nation, and American voters see it,” he added.

The DCCC is on track for the last quarter of 2021 with nearly $ 63 million in cash, $ 26 million more than at the same point in the 2020 cycle.

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