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Walter Mercado and more Latin icons known for their legendary style

Here is the tea …

A simple structured gown, dainty accessories and minimal make-up are enough to attract a famous person the best skirt list. After all, the dress code is considered timeless.

However, when it comes to master the art of fashion, nobody does it at all like Latinx stars. Is that a bold statement? Absolutely, but this is one that comes true when you look deeper into the icons, whose style was just as great as their art.

As an example? Legends like Juan Gabriel, Celia Cruz and Selena quintanilla left an indelible mark in both the music and fashion industry. The celebrated artists lit up the stage with their electrifying songs and unique outfits — which were usually stunned everywhere.

In fact, Selena was the brains behind some of her most memorable appearance, including the iconic purple jumpsuit she wore during her last major concert before her untimely death in 1995.

Famous astrologer Walter Mercado not only his fans with his extensive readings, but his flamboyant hoods and graceful suits were truly enchanting. The flashy rise, which became Walter’s distinctive style, perfectly complemented his personality larger than life.

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