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Adam Kinzinger says the committee is suing Trump on January 6 and Pence is not off the table

RINO’s representative Adam Kinzinger told CNN on Thursday that the January 6 committee that sues former president Donald Trump or his vice president Mike Pence ‘is not off the table’.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Kinzinger said, “It’s realistic.”

“We are with one of the two Republicans on the committee … Your colleague, Chairman Bennie Thompson, did not rule out a subpoena for former President Trump. Is this really realistic, a summons for him or Vice President Pence? “Ask Cooper.

Kinzinger replied, ‘Yes, I know this is realistic. I mean, we’re not going to do it right away, because it’s clearly big. There are many people who know a lot. But I’m going to tell you. I know the members of this committee. We met a lot. We talk about these issues. We are determined to reach the core of what happened. I think what you see with the possible criminal referral of Steve Bannon by the committee. Hopefully, if people misinterpret something else, interpret it. We’re serious about this. Anyone who is being sued now or will think twice in the future, before rejecting a legitimate congressional order. “

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“We continue to turn every stone around, get every answer we can, so that we can present a true and honest picture of January 6 to the American people,” he added. “So that we can, whether someone wants to believe it or not, prove once and for all that it was not peaceful and honest that it was nobody, but actually an uprising inspired by Trump.

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