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Addison Rae responds after her TikTok account was temporarily banned

Is Addison Rae done with TikTok?

The 21-year-old He is it all actress, who is one of TikTok’s most recognizable personalities, told fans on Thursday, October 14, that the short-form video platform informed her that she could no longer use her account.

According to a screenshot she shared Twitter, Addison received a message from TikTok stating, “Your account has been permanently banned due to several violations of our Community Guidelines. You may download your data.”

Addison seems to be taking the news calmly, given that she jokingly added to the tweet, “Well time to get a job.” Although the artist has not shared any additional details about why she was temporarily banned from posting videos, her account still appears to be active.

E! News contacted Addison’s representative and TikTok for comment.

In addition to Addison, other users have also previously expressed frustration at the fact that they were wrongly banned due to mass reporting.

When one person sarcastically tweeted that the star should follow TikTok, Addison, who has 85 million followers on the platform, answered, “Thanks, I’ll try this one!”

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