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“I’m making big money now that I’m president” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Hartford, Connecticut, on Friday to promote his garbage “Build Back Better” agenda.

Biden made remarks at a child care facility on Friday and his speech put people to sleep.

Joe Biden obscures his words and mumbles as he reads his teleprompter.

Biden attacked the rich, claiming he was “the poorest man in Congress for 36 years.”

TREND: DO NOT MAKE LINKS – EXCLUSIVELY: AG Garland’s wife is an adviser now linked to the Brennan Center and is associated with far – left groups working to prevent 2020 election audits – HE MUST WORK!

“But I’m making big money now that I’m the president,” Biden said (yes, and Hunter too).

Imagine the media outrage if Trump said that.

Trump donated his presidential salary and the media is still attacking him.


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