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Pete Buttigieg takes Tucker Carlson off for parental leave

Transport Art. Pete Buttigieg took down Tucker Carlson for spreading homophobic smears over his parental leave.


Buttigieg said about MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Look, in his case, I think he just do not understand concept of bottle feeding, late only the concept of fatherhood leaves, but what’s really weird is it, you know, it’s from a side of the corridor that used to claims the mantle of his pro-family. What we currently have is a administration it is actually pro-family, and I’m privileged to it can experience as a employee, be able to flexibility to take care of us newborn children, ie by the way, work. It’s joyful work. It’s great work. But it’s definitely work.

And we, as a society, I think, start doing better work to acknowledge that parenting is work, that care is work, and support it as such, which is of course the reason why the president proposed paid family leave for all Americans, something most Americans already believe what we should do and something that is the highest developed countries quite taken for granted.

Nicolle Wallace follows up and asks sec. Buttigieg where do these stains come from, and he replies: ‘Look, this attack is coming of a man who has not yet explains his apparent approval for the assassination of Harvey MI’m so clear we know this there are some dark places where some of these attitudes come of. But I also notice that it do not speak on behalf of the country. I do not think it even speaks for most people on the other hand side of the aisle of the party to which I belong. This is largely a consensus problem, not just a support for families like mine around a the right to marry and the right to be treated equally, but also families in general, moms and dad, should be able to support their children, including with paid family leaves. “

Tucker Carlson has never responded to his approval for the murder of Harvey Milk. The secretary expressed his position strongly without having to say directly that these attacks are homophobic.

The attacks on Pete Buttigieg are not about disagreements over family leave policies or supply chain issues.

There is something much darker at work in these attacks. It’s homophobic and the far right is going to the ugliest place he can think of to smear a popular member of the Biden administration, but the Republican Party has a horrible culture war.

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