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The star child Aryan Khan is now ‘Qaidi number N956’ at Arthur Road prison in Mumbai | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

For the prison records, Aryan Khan is now ‘qaidi number N956’, and reportedly now eats jail food, but has restricted his food and water intake, to avoid using the jail toilet. He survives mainly on cookies and mineral water bottles purchased from the prison canteen. To cover these expenses, he recently received a R4,500 money order that his father, Shah Rukh Khan, sent him. Reports also say that the starkid refused to take a bath and the prison authorities are now concerned about his deteriorating health and hygiene. However, all the accused of drugs are placed in a separate cell, but Aryan looks tense and has no contact with anyone and only speaks when something is asked of him. Reports also state that Aryan, until the court has given permission, will not be allowed homemade food and that he must eat the food served to all the inmates at Arthur Prison. The prison food contains sheera-poha for breakfast, while lunch and dinner include chapati, sabzi, dal and rice. On the other hand, Aryan’s parents, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, have been sleeping since their 23-year-old son, Aryan Khan, was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau in the infamous drug case. The star couple stays away from the media glow and avoids stepping out of their lavish Mannat home. Aryan Khan’s bail order has been reserved by the special court for October 20 and he will have to remain in Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai until then.

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