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Why does Natti Natasha redefine the ‘American dream’ for her daughter?

Not such an ‘Impossible Amor’.

Singer Natti Natasha is on a mission to redefine the American dream for her daughter Life, born May 22nd. The artist “All About Me” calls Dominican a “synonym of happiness, of love, to show the world that we can make anything happen” during E! ‘s Those to watch video series on October 15 in honor of Spanish Heritage Month.

“I want my daughter to learn everything about my culture, her culture,” Natasha told E exclusively! News. “I want her to see how happy we are. our country and we are going back prouder than ever. ”

Natasha added, “At the end of the day, she’s going to say, ‘Well, my mom did it, so I can do it.’ ‘

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