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Setback! Old video of Govinda visiting his orphanage in Virar is posted on social media | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

The journey of actor Govinda from the tracks of Mumbai’s Virar to one of the best actors in Bollywood is no less than a fairy tale. Our very own Chi Chi from Bollywood, who started his career in the 80s, still rules the hearts of millions. Recently, one of his old videos started circulating on social media in which Govinda was able to attend a festival event, and also his home in Virar, where he spent his childhood days. While taking a look at his orphanage, he told the reporter that ‘I was born here’. I came back after two years. “After getting emotional at his home where he grew up, he said all his childhood memories flashed in front of him. As he recalls his childhood, he expressed his gratitude to her mother and said, “My mother’s prayers have everything I have today because of my mother and her prayers.”

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