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Steve Bannon invites Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit to share exciting news on the site (VIDEO)

The founder of the Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft went on Steve Bannon’s War Room Friday night.

The two talked the far-left crowd’s’ uprising this week at the Department of Home Affairs.

Steve Bannon then congratulated The Gateway Pundit on another record year. We broke our previous website traffic record in September this year. And we still have three months to go!

The Gateway Pundit has been censored by the tech giants this year for over 725 million page views despite being banned. We lost our Twitter account earlier this year, Facebook banned our content in the shadows since 2017 after Trump’s first victory, and Google eliminated our content from its search function. Despite this, we still get traffic and readers year after year!

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in fact, The Gateway Pundit is now one of the top 200 sites in the country – despite the constant attacks and censorship.

Thanks to Steve Bannon for his continued support and kind words.
Thank you to ALL our excellent writers and team members.

And Thank you to all our readers!

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