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You will never have a steak without it again

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Do you eat your steak with a cocktail? … White wine? Or worse, a beer?

If so, you’re missing the perfect combination for a juicy steak – red wine.

It’s easy to remember … red meat gets red wine.

And there is no better red wine that goes well with a great steak than an Argentinian malbec.

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But not just an Argentine malbec … I’m talking about extreme height malbec (order through this link and the links below benefit from Gateway Pundit – thanks!)

If you want to get the best taste of your steak, you should try these wines from the extreme heights of Argentina.

I am talking about the most remote vineyards (at altitudes up to 9,000 feet) that man knows, deep in the Andes.

They are unlike any other wine you have had before. They taste just as rough as the country itself. Blackberry, leather, smoke, dark cherry …

So far, you would have to drive thousands of miles just to get a single bottle in your hands. So you’ll be one of the first Americans to ever taste them …

Hell, I almost died while trying to find some of these remote vineyards … They are so special!

Do you want to try them?

Today I give The Gateway Pundit readers $ 60 off these special wines, plus 50% off delivery. No promotional code required.

If you like wine … click here if you want to taste wine, as it really goes hand in hand with a delicious steak meal.

Sal Bonner

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