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“Call the media!” Vax protesters gather outside New York Times building (VIDEO)

Anti-vaccine protesters gathered outside the New York Times building in New York on Saturday, chanting, “Call the media!”

The protesters held signs reading “F * ck Biden” and “Let’s go Brandon!”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has put schools, restaurants, gyms and theaters to passport requirements.

Thanks to Bill de Blasio, restaurants in New York report that the business has dropped from 40 to 60 percent due to the vaccine mandates.

TREND: China tests new hypersonic missile capable of working with nuclear weapons and encircling the entire earth around a low orbit – US military officials stunned

But New Yorkers are fighting back.


A few weeks ago, protesters gathered outside the New York Department of Education to voice their grievances over vaccine mandates.

The protesters chanted, “My body, my choice!” when they crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.

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