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Jen Psaki stops Peter Doocy dead in his tracks while accusing Biden of DOJ Meddling

Press secretary Jen Psaki has none of that, while Peter Doocy falsely tried to compare Biden and Trump at the DOJ.


Peter Doocy accused Biden of breaking his promise and interfering in DOJ’s criminal prosecution for the 1/6 committee.

Psaki shoots him down: ‘Since you gave me the opportunity, former presidentrump uses its section to inciting an uprising puts political pressure on senior DOJ officials to spread lies about the election to the point that they have threatened to resign in the masses. think there is almost no comparison there. ”

Doocy has tried again, “said President Biden. Department of Justice and me administration will be complete independent of me and do not enter decisions in which cases the agency will bring and not – “

Psaki cuts him off, “And he has not and he will not. ”

Fox News and other corporate media are still trying to normalize Trump with inaccurate Biden comparisons.

The point of Doocy’s question was to normalize Trump’s behavior with a false comparison with Biden. Fox News and Peter Doocy are not alone in this behavior. It’s clear that mainstream / corporate media is desperately missing the crime and drama of Donald Trump.

Trump used the DOJ as his personal right arm. Biden was of the opinion that people who break the law and defy a summons should be punished. These two things are not the same.

Jen Psaki was at the heart of the matter and made sure the American people understand that Joe Biden does not look like Donald Trump.

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