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Mandira Bedi opens months after her husband Raj Kaushal’s death says she draws strength from her two children | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

After losing her husband, filmmaker Raj Kaushal unexpectedly earlier this year, Mandira Bedi is still going to draw strength from her two children – Vir and Tara. Raj Kaushal passed away on June 30, 2021 due to a cardiac arrest. In a recent interview with a news agency, the actress TV host opened up about her personal loss and how she was able to cope with it. She said: ‘My motivation to keep working, to strive and to do better … My biggest motivation is my children. Everything I do, I do for them. This is my reason to keep going, my reason to live, to do better, to be better. This is why I have courage, strength and reason to earn. I need to be a good parent to them. ‘Mandira Bedi has made numerous films in her career, but she has gained notoriety and popularity on the small screen with hits such as’ Shanti’ and ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. She also excelled as a sports presenter and TV host. Bedi admits her career was full of ups and downs, but she does not regret the failures because it only taught her valuable life lessons. She continued: ‘There were many challenges, the descents were challenging, there were difficult times. But public memory is short. You are known by the last project you did. I have a lot of work behind me. The ups are great, if you experience it, it’s great. When you are down, let them appreciate the good times. You learn more from your failures than from success. The disadvantages give you perspective in life, this is how I look at challenges. I have encountered many things I have encountered in my life, and there is always growth and learning in them. ‘Bedi, who started working again after taking a while, believes she’s in the best phase of her professional life. She added: ‘I am privileged to be in a time like this; there is social media, THERE platforms … I’m thankful that the best work that’s coming over me is coming now. ‘

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