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Joe Biden does another CNN City Hall with members by invitation only

Joe Biden loves CNN City Hall events and he’s about to do another one.

In addition, an audience will consist of only ‘invitations’ at this CNN event. Who do you think will be invited?

Do you think Biden will get a single difficult question from this totally random audience?

The New York Post reports:

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Biden is taking part in CNN City Hall this week with ‘by invitation only’

President Biden will attend a CNN City Hall in Baltimore this week, where he will ask questions of a ‘invite-only audience’ – while his administration juggles the Democratic Party’s union, a worsening border crisis and empty chain bottlenecks create shelves. and threatens with the timely arrival of holiday gifts.

On Monday, CNN announced the 90-minute town hall, which will be moderated by Anderson Cooper and will be broadcast on the network on Thursday at 20:00 ET.

The president, who recently traveled the country to address his “Build Back Better” agenda, may face questions about a number of crises and problems his administration is facing.

Late last week, Democrats in the Senate would reportedly become frustrated with Biden over his continued negotiations with Sens. a dual infrastructure bill and a massive spending package – which forms the core of his agenda.

It looks pretty weak.

It is as if everything about this administration is being staged.

Cross placed from American Lookout.

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