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Marco Rubio says children should get jobs as an attack on child tax credits

Sen. Marco Rubio complains that it is socialism to give children $ 300 a month instead of working.

Sen. Rubio tweeted:

Yes, why do the lazy four-year-olds not get jobs instead of emptying the taxpayers while sitting at home and doing nothing?

Sen. Rubio’s ad, even if you ignore the fact that Marco Rubio put himself on the record as child support, is a very bad policy. 54% of voters support the child tax credit, and 35% are against it. Thirty percent of Republicans support it.

At one point, Marco Rubio managed to attack children and a popular policy that helps children.

This is not the way to win a re-election campaign.

Rubio’s ad itself is full of the now standard Republican talk about socialism and narrow music.

It seems that Marco Rubio supports child labor because socialism is a child tax credit to working families. Marco Rubio wants to keep America free by sending children back to the coal mines and factories, because nothing says freedom like a ten-year-old with Black Lung.

The Republican Party jumped the shark completely.

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