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Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares a look at her much-needed holiday in Rishikesh | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Weeks after the divorce with Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu leaves for Rishikesh for a much needed vacation, see photos Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhi is currently dealing with a stressful personal situation after announcing her divorce from actor Naga Chaitanya. However, the actress chose to focus on the positive in her life, instead of thinking about the past. Now Samantha has gone to Rishikesh and also shared a look at her holiday with fans through her Instagram stories, including the scenery of Rishikesh, the wildlife and sacred places. After her divorce from Chaitanya, Samantha is making the perfect body in the gym, even if her coach is not there. A few days ago, when she went to Instagram, Samantha shared a video of her lifting a dumbbell in the gym, accompanied by the caption: ‘How did you have this power over me … scared of you, even if you are not physically present @ snehadesu. will not pick up a 30 kilogram dumbbell for someone else. Look at that – half my size. ‘If you remember, Samantha and Akkineni Naga Chaitanya announced them separation earlier this month, and ends months of speculation. The estranged couple went to their respective social media handles to share a joint statement, while asking for privacy and support in difficult times. When the news first broke out, many people, without thinking about it, blamed Samantha for the split, citing many reasons. However, the actress received great support from her loyal fans. In an Instagram story, she thanks fans for defending her and being emotionally invested in her crisis. She writes: ‘Your emotional investment in a personal crisis has overwhelmed me. Thank you all for the deep empathy, concern and that you defended me against false rumors and stories being spread. They say I had affairs, never wanted children, that I was an opportunist and now that I had abortions. She further wrote: “A divorce in itself is an extremely painful process. Let alone that I have time to heal. This attack on me personally was relentless. But I promise you this; i will never allow this or anything else they say to break me. ‘

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