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Twinkle Khanna responds to Aryan Khan’s arrest, compares drug case to ‘Squid Game’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

The former actress became a writer Glinster Khanna is known for her peculiar view on any matter, whether it be social, political or personal. Now, at a time when many Bollywood celebrities are coming out in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, who has been arrested in a drug case, Twinkle has also joined the wagon, but in her own style. Using her Instagram handle, Twinkle shared an excerpt from her Times of India column in which she compared Aryan’s case to the popular Korean series ‘Squid Game’. Referring to the example of the first game in the series, Twinkle writes: ‘Each player gets ten marbles and must pick up his opponent’s marbles by participating in a game of their choice. In this episode, one of the strongest candidates is a tie and eventually confused to lose his marbles. I seem to have misplaced mine too when I read the news about the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son. He pointed out that Aryan had been in jail for two weeks without any evidence against him, adding: “While his friend apparently carries 6 grams of charas, there is allegedly no evidence of possession by Aryan Khan. Yet the young boy has now been missing from prison in Arthur Road for almost two weeks. She wrote in her entire post: ‘In India we play our own version of Squid Game for as long as I can remember, and I do not refer to the numerous times someone emerges from the crowd and sprays ink on prominent public figures. such as Baba Ramdev or our Prime Minister of Delhi. Here is the list of our Desi Squid Games. Click on the link in the bio to read the entire column. Illustration by @chadcroweillustration ‘. Twinkle’s post also received appreciation from Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, Tahira Kashyap, who said ‘What a wonderfully strong piece’. Many fans also praised how Twinkle compared Aryan’s case to Squid Game, while one of the users wrote: ‘Omg excellent … I do not know how you manage to write so well … but compare incredibly and transferred ‘. Another said: ‘Exactly my thoughts … what’s happening in J&K and in other states … We all look like participants waiting to be killed. However, there is no prize money. A good analogy of desi squid games. Meanwhile, a special NDPS court will rule on Aryan Khan’s bail application on October 20.

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