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Following the debacle in Afghanistan, the Biden State Department celebrates ‘International Preliminary Day’

In a brilliant display of the priorities of the Biden administration, the State Department on Wednesday marked ‘International Pronouns Day’ with a tweet giving guidance on why people share their pronouns on social media.

The information post explain it “Pronouns share (are) a way to get to know someone” and “accidentally avoid a wrong gender.”

Someone was paid taxpayer money to put it together.

They discuss the pronoun commands on a basic level – ‘he / she / she’, ‘his / her / hers’ – but also look at those who choose non-traditional pronouns, such as ‘they / they / they’.

The state department even mentions ‘pioneers’ who use ‘gender-neutral pronouns like ze / zir / zirs’.

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State Department celebrates International Prologue Day

It was the state department.

The STATE DEPARTMENT. Was worried about this. Enough to post something on social media. Are there no more urgent matters?

The Hall of Fame’s entry into the wrong priorities comes after the disastrous withdrawal of the Biden administration from Afghanistan.

An attempted suicide bombing killed 13 members of staff, a retaliatory US-led drone strike that killed 10 civilians – including an aid worker and 7 children – and countless Americans left behind in the Taliban-controlled country.

Of course, our country is also facing a massive illegal immigration crisis. Shouldn’t the State Department be laser-focused on working with other countries to stop it?

A poll late last month indicated that a massive majority of Americans — nearly two-thirds — had handled President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.


However, the State Department stressed the importance of celebrating ‘International Pronoun’.

“American society is showing acceptance of the trend,” they write. “Nearly 1 in 5 American adults knows someone who follows gender-neutral pronouns.”

It is almost certain that a poll that asks whether international issues, such as getting Americans out of Afghanistan or ‘International Pronouns Day’, or not is a top priority, will yield more than 90 percent if they choose the former.

Perhaps the State Department should have worked to keep an eye on the Chinese so that we would not be surprised by their newly unveiled hypersonic missiles with nuclear power?

Just spit here.

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Mockery Ensues

After the tweet from the State Department, mockery took place, not on the basis of their celebration of ‘International Pronoun’, but on skewed priorities.

Richard Grenell, a former State Department spokesman and head of U.S. intelligence, laments the politicization of the department under President Biden.

“Dear God. The politicization of my beloved State Department is a crisis,” Grenell wrote. “Anthony Blinken and Wendy Sherman are dying our diplomats. This is not diplomacy.”

“This is what the people responsible for our country’s foreign policy are working on today,” tweeted Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

The GOP House Judiciary also responded quickly write“And some people are wondering how the embassy in Afghanistan fell so quickly.”

“THAT’s what the State Department prioritizes !?” Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) tweeted, mentioning the situation in Afghanistan, but also the testing of a hypersonic missile by China and the border crisis. “What’s wrong with these people ???”

According to reports that appeared late last month, General Mark Milley privately accused the State Department of being responsible for the evacuation attempt.

‘N Axios report indicates that several sources informed them about a classified briefing with senators in which Milley said departmental officials “waited too long” to order the evacuation.

A email leaked from an official to a retired Marine trying to rent private evacuation flights for Americans from Afghanistan in September shows that the Biden State Department is refusing to grant permission to use military bases or land in the United States.

Conservative radio personality Glenn Beck also claimed that his organization was being “blocked” by the State Department in its efforts to rescue Christians from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“The State Department has blocked us every time,” Beck accused. “The State Department and the White House were the biggest problem.”

Trey Yingst, Fox News Channel correspondent like this week declares: ‘It is October 18th, and we are back in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan where evacuation flights continue. This story is not over yet. ”

“There are thousands of U.S. allies still stuck in the country, along with U.S. citizens and green card holders,” Yingst said.

The State Department may not be interested in rescuing those still in Afghanistan, but they will at least be identified by their real pronouns.

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