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Glenn Greenwald mentions January 6 media coverage and protests against political persecution of parents

On Wednesday, progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald described how the media treated the January 6 attack on the US capital, parents protesting during school meetings, and unvaccinated Americans as ‘political persecution’.

Greenwald commented on the podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show”.

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Greenwald on January 6: ‘It justifies all kinds of new powers in these agencies’

Hosts Megyn Kelly and Greenwald discussed how news reports bend media stories.

Kelly noted how the newspaper tried to describe the death of US police officer Brian Sicknick as “murdered by the Trump crowd, even though they knew it was not true”.

“The wrong reporting and the unwillingness to bend are all part of the same thing,” Kelly said.

Kelly continues: “Narratives, the dedication, the desire to put down Trump or anyone associated with him.”

She added, ” How dare you compare it? [January 6] to 9/11 ‘is somehow controversial, ”referring to the number of figures on the left who said the Capitol riot was worse than the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Greenwald drew a comparison between the January 6 incident and Black Lives Matter rallies that ‘became violent’.

The journalist said he also never regarded the BLM events as an ‘uprising’.

Greenwald explained: ‘During 2020, the question was always how are these media … which failed before Trump and then found a savior in Trump. He saved most of the media. ”

“What are they going to do in the likely scenario he lost in 2020, according to polls,” Greenwald said.

“It has kept fear levels high,” Glenn said of coverage of the Jan. 6 attack. ‘It justifies all kinds of new powers in these agencies. They gave $ 2 billion to the Capitol police, five months after they sang to defend the police. ”


Greenwald claims that many of these are ‘political persecutions’ and that the ‘faction of American liberalism’ has become ‘an incredible punishment for their political opponents’.

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Greenwald: ‘This is really what American liberalism has become’

He then compares it to the way those who have not been vaccinated are treated, with the left “celebrating the fact that they lose their jobs during a pandemic”.

Greenwald also said the left is eager to treat opponents in the most difficult ways possible.

“If he says that the FBI is starting to treat parents who come to school board meetings and protest against the fact that their children have to wear masks or other COVID restrictions, they will be treated as terrorists to terrorize school board terrorists,” he said. he said.

On the growing authoritarianism of the left, Greenwald said, “This is really what American liberalism has become.”

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