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Hansal Mehta responds to Shah Rukh Khan meeting son Aryan Khan in jail: ‘Father’s concern becomes’ a matter of ruthless judgment’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Hansal Mehta says father’s concerns become a matter of ruthless judgment ‘after Shah Rukh Khan visited Aryan in prisonShah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are experiencing the worst days of their lives after their eldest son, Aryan Khan, was again denied bail in the drug case. Now, on the morning of October 21, the fatal father met his son in jail, and videos of King Khan entering and leaving jail appear all over the internet. Many fans and colleagues also supported their ‘Badshaah’ support and asked him to stay strong. Meanwhile filmmaker Hansal Mehta also went to Twitter where he opened up about what it means to be a famous person as well as a father. He wrote: ‘To be a celebrity, to be a star, to be of’ Bollywood ‘means that your emotion, your torment and your worries as a father are a matter of public consumption, heartless abuse and ruthlessness. judgment is. ‘ He further added: ‘Bollywood is not a place, not a business and certainly not a mafia. It is a loose term for a large number of individuals who work very hard to create, entertain, engage and unlike many other professions are always vulnerable to criticism, investigation and abuse. In another tweet, he wrote: “I do not know or have never appreciated the term Bollywood. What I do know is that this term and the individuals attached to it are a favorite punch and distraction vehicle for some divisive, abusive and inefficient set of cowardly invisible people. ‘Earlier, veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar akso said that the Hindi film industry is under the scanner because of its high profile, and that this is the price it has to pay. On the sidelines of an event, when asked by Javed Saab if he feels Bollywood is regularly targeted with raids, he said: ‘This is the price the film industry has to pay to be a high profile. , people pleasure in pulling you down, throwing at you. If you are a nobody, then who has the time to throw stones at you? “Javed Akhtar was indirectly digging after the seizure of a large quantity of drugs in the Mundra port in the Kutch district of Gujarat, adding: ‘You find cocaine worth one billion dollars in a port, somewhere else. there are 1200 people where ganja and a total of according to media reports an amount of 1 lakh 30 000 Rs is found. “He further added:” Now it has become a big national news, but I do not yet have a headline about not seen the billion dollar cocaine … ‘

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