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“It’s much worse than we thought”

Mad Money host Jim Cramer joined Squawk Box this morning to talk about his inflation concerns. His worries are much worse than first expected.

Media shared the following about Jim Cramer’s discussion today on US inflation:

CNBC spoke to hedge fund manager and founder of the Robin Hood Foundation on Wednesday Paul Tudor Jones, who said that inflation ‘is much worse than we fear’. Shortly afterwards Squawk Box, CNBC’s Jim Cramer agree with Jones’ review and add a few more awful words to the mix.

Host Rebecca Quick asked Cramer about inflation, a major topic of the day in finance.

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“Let’s talk about inflation and where things stand now,” she said. ‘Let’s talk about the questions investors are currently wondering. If you are worried about inflation, this is a big problem. “

Cramer agreed that this is a big problem. He also had Jones talk about it earlier in the day and also agreed with it.

“Yes. I mean, look, I think Paul Tudor Jones is, as always, right about inflation. “It is much worse than we thought,” he said. “I still hope the capacity will increase so it’s not that bad, but it just can not go on that fast enough.”

‘For example, I talked to my friend about it Frank Mitsch, which has its own firm, chemicals, and it’s just amazing, ”he continues. “Fermium uses figures that are just astounding, and it makes you feel like Procter will not be able to come out of a jam. Procter is the one that focused the most on inflationary inputs yesterday.”

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