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Joy Reid says Republicans do not believe ‘non-white voters have the right to elect the president’

Joy Reid, the left-wing host of MSNBC, said on Wednesday that the Republican Party does not believe that “non-white voters have the right to elect the president of the United States”.

Reid made her remarks about her program “The ReidOut.”

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Reid on ‘multiracial democracy’

In a passage that was apparently about the Democrats’ select committee on Jan. 6 with guest Charlie Sykes, a former Conservative radio host ‘Never Trumper’, Reid seems completely off track.

The MSNBC host argued that Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney’s attempts to take her fellow Republicans’ January 6 committee inquiry seriously were a waste of time.

Reid said, “It’s unclear to me that she’s arguing with the eater.”

Reid then said, “We need to stop thinking about this, as Republicans deny how bad January 6 was, and start thinking about it when they think about how good it was for them.”

Then Reid seems to change his mind completely, claiming that Republicans do not believe black people should be allowed to vote.

(To my knowledge, no Republican has made or even hinted at this argument. She may also have forgotten that America elected a black man president a while ago.)

“And that they separated themselves from the idea of ​​a multiracial democracy, because a multiracial democracy means that people like me can win for someone,” Reid said.

She added: ‘But what they are saying is no, that person cannot be allowed to win. Only the people who decide they should be allowed to win. It is the opposite of believing in multiracial democracy. ”

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Reid On GOP: ‘They do not believe that non-white voters have the right to elect the president’

“This is the same problem we had after the Civil War,” Reid said. “I feel like we still have it.”

“The Republican Party, they do not believe, they do not believe that non-white voters have the right to elect the president of the United States or any other official,” Reid said. “I see no other way.”

Tens of millions of the non-white voters voted during the presidential election.

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