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Shah Rukh Khan is tampered with outside prison in Arthur Road after meeting son Aryan Khan, Pooja Bhatt calls it ‘tragic’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

After Shah Rukh Khan visited the son Aryan Khan in the Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, many fans and celebrities offered their support to King Khan and his family during these difficult times. Photos and videos of Shah Rukh Khan entering and leaving the jail appear all over the internet, where the superstar was almost seen by the paparazzi outside the jail. It was SRK’s first public appearance after Aryan’s arrest in the drug case. Now Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt has responded to Shah Rukh Khan’s visit to the boy in a tweet. She writes: ‘Dear members of the press. I know times are tougher than ever before, and there is tremendous pressure on you from your respective employers to take action, even if it means jeopardizing your own health and safety, but how do you explain this behavior? like your own children? Tragic’. Filmmaker Hansal Mehta also took to Twitter earlier to find out what it means to be a famous person as well as a father. He wrote: ‘To be a celebrity, to be a star, to be of’ Bollywood ‘means that your emotion, your torment and your worries as a father are a matter of public consumption, heartless abuse and ruthlessness. judgment is. ‘ He further added: ‘Bollywood is not a place, not a business and certainly not a mafia. It is a loose term for a large number of individuals who work very hard to create, entertain, engage and unlike many other professions are always vulnerable to criticism, investigation and abuse. In another tweet, he wrote: “I do not know or have never appreciated the term Bollywood. What I do know is that this term and the individuals attached to it are a favorite boxing bag and distraction vehicle for some divisive, abusive and inefficient set of cowardly invisible people. “Speaking of the case after Aryan Khan was denied bail in the drug case on October 20, an appeal has been lodged with the High Court in Bombay challenging the lower court’s order. In the latest development, the Supreme Court listed Aryan Khan’s bail application for trial on October 26.

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