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Texas Gov. Abbott uses national guard to arrest illegal immigrants at southern border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken some unprecedented steps to Stop the Illegal Immigration Crisis Overflowing the Texas Border – The Texas National Guard is now arresting illegal immigrants crossing the border.

This is a new approach, both for the powers that be – the National Guard – and for the lawsuits that are being applied: trespassing.

The National Guard troops are not alone either. Nearly 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers work with them during the ongoing crisis.

A larger role for the National Guard is something the Texas governor has recently hinted at, as the increase in illegal migrants shows no signs of failing.

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An unprecedented move

Steven McGraw, director of Texas DPS, explains how the implementation of the National Guard will work.

About 3,000 guards will be deployed in the coming weeks, making the first arrests.

Those arrested are then handed over to the DPS officers, who charge detainees and conduct investigations. McGraw commented on the new aspects of Operation Lone Star:

‘No one has ever used the guard in this capacity. We’re going to use it to actually to secure the border. The governor, the legislature, and the citizens of Texas made this very clear; they want the border safe. This is also good for our federal partner. The federal government must thank the state of Texas, and it will make the rest of the country safer as we increase the level of security. ”

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What is Operation Lone Star?

Gov. Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March in response to the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce the border. In addition to the National Guard, state troops and Texas Rangers are also taking part in the effort to assist the border patrol.

The program has also been expanded with the construction of boundary barriers and fences.

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Texas to prepare for the worst

In the wake of about 15,000 Haitians immigrants who recently came to Texas and a camp under the International Bridge in Del Rio, preparing Texans for another ‘60,000’ tow truck ‘en route to Texas.

In addition to the growing number of illegal immigrants entering the country, Abbott said during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel that cartels on the Mexican side are becoming increasingly aggressive, even on National Guard troops already on the border near Roma, Texas stood. .

He added: ‘It is escalates into a firefight on either side of the border where Texas and our National Guard must defend themselves and the state of Texas must defend. ”

According to the DPS, they have identified 23 high-priority problem areas that are currently being focused on.

McGraw, director of the DPS, says the governor’s goal is to prevent people and illicit drugs from entering Texas illegally between ports, instead of responding to them.

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