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Lock them all up. Trump’s DOJ violated US law by ignoring his crimes

When the judicial committee of the senate delivered its sharp verdict report, the appropriate name Undermine justice, that Trump’s efforts to force the Department of Justice to suppress the 2020 election were detailed, it was clear that crimes had been committed.

In addition to Trump, the report also describes the key role of Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark played in an attempt to persuade acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen to falsely state that the DOJ believed the election results were fraudulent in several states.

Now Jeffrey Clark is facing disciplinary action because:

“A. a bipartisan group of 32 lawyers has filed a disciplinary complaint with the DC Bar for his actions in an attempt to persuade former acting attorney general Rosen to falsely state that the results of the 2020 presidential election in several states was deceptive.

Members of the Council of attorneys defending American democracy says Clark’s actions violate ethical rules.

But there is more to the story than a simple ethical violation that would result in criminal charges against Trump and anyone at the DOJ or his inner circle who knew of Trump’s efforts and could not immediately report them.

First, Because Trump was the source of the conspiracy, he is clearly violating a federal statute. 18 U.S. Code § 610 ‘Forcing political activities’ is a very clear and concise statute that clearly states:

‘It is illegal for any person to intimidate, threaten, order or coerce, or try to intimidate, threaten, command or force, any employee of the Federal Government as defined in Article 7322 (1) of Title 5, U.S. Code, to engage in, or not participate in, political activities, including, but not limited to, voting or refusing to vote for any candidate or measure, or to make or refuse political contributions, or work or refuses to work on behalf of any candidate. Every person who contravenes this article will be fined under this title or imprisonment for a maximum of three years, or both. “(author bold)

Employed by a criminal in the oval office, Clark has a letter on behalf of Trump who encouraged Rosen to sign and send to Georgia and several other states that falsely claimed that the DOJ ‘identified significant concerns that could affect the outcome of the election.

The allegations in the letter were, of course, false; because there is no such concern. In December, the then Attorney General, William Barr declare so many. In fact, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security reflects Barr’s feeling that the 2020 election ‘safest in US history. ”

In an attempt to do the right thing, Acting Attorney General Rosen refused to falsely state that the results of the 2020 presidential election were fraudulent in several states. Both mr. Rosen and his deputy refused to issue the letter. But they are also guilty of breaking the law when they refused to report Clark or Trump’s illegal actions.

The failure fits exactly with the crime of ‘misprision of felony’ 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Failure of Felony. It reads:

Whoever, with knowledge of the actual commission of an offense committed by a court of the United States, conceal and do not make it known as soon as possible to any judge or other person in civil or military authority the United States, a fine is imposed under this title or imprisonment for a maximum of three years, or both. “

Anyone remotely aware of the crimes of Trump, or of his surrogates, is required by law to warn the right authorities. It underscores the obvious claim that the Attorney General’s attorneys were not aware that what Trump was doing violated a federal law, and that those who were aware of his actions were obligated by law to exercise their rights. notify authorities immediately.

By not doing so automatically, those involved end up in serious legal danger; that would at least be the case if the Barr Department of Justice were not corrupt or if the Garland DOJ was not afraid to get on Trump’s hit list.

It is especially a serious violation of the law that Rosen et al allowed Trump and one of them to break the law and remain silent about it. The same goes for the various government officials who tried to “force” Trump to violate state election laws on his behalf and not report his crime.

Clearly, not much will come of Trump or his actions, and if Clark is held accountable by the DC Bar for violating his ethical rules, he will likely get a pat on the wrist and then continue to get rich in the private sector as if nothing illegal or unethical had happened.

Numerous crimes were committed during Trump’s tenure in a place he never belonged to, and it becomes clearer by the day that he will not face justice. The tragedy of it all is that it appears that two different government departments are not inclined to follow Trump or his cohorts with the same intensity as a drug dealer. It informs every sensible person that justice in America is a dying institution for all purposes.

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