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Maid’s Margaret Qualley discusses the intensive cleaning scenes

Maid is not a series for those who are faint of heart.

Not only did the Netflix depict drama the resistance of a single mother as she tries to rebuild her life after leaving an abusive relationship, it also happens cruel cleaning scenes which would make any clean freak’s skin crawl. One memorable scene appears Margaret QualleyAlex’s character has to clear a squatter hideout, which includes overcrowded toilets, crunchy worktops and more unimaginable rubbish.

Before you panic and break out your disinfectant, take comfort in this behind-the-scenes intel regarding the horribly dirty rooms: they are not real. No really. Qualley told E! News in an exclusive chat that a brilliant creative team has changed these spaces to just look disastrous.

“It’s amazing,” she begins. “The concoctions they would use to make because it’s all fake. I do the princess version of it all. It’s like ketchup and hot sauce and A-1 or whatever, pasted on an oven to make it corpse [dirt]. Everything is like clean dirt. “

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