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Shah Rukh Khan greets fans with folded hands outside Arthur Road jail, netizens praise him for his ‘decent behavior’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

No doubt, superstar Shah Rukh Khan is currently going through a difficult time. King Khan, who is trying hard to get his 23-year-old son, Aryan Khan, bailed in the infamous drug case, recently won the hearts of millions again with his warm gesture and humility. On October 21, he showed up when he visited the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai to meet his son Aryan. While he could see the general entry intended for regular visitors, Shah Rukh Khan can maintain his composure and adhere to all protocols laid down by the prison authorities. What his fans missed unnoticed during his visit to the jail, however, was that, despite such a stressful time, he did not lose his humility. As he leaves the jail after meeting his son, many people on the side are seen waving to him and the superstar, all calm and peace of mind, not only greeting them back but also biting them with folded hands. The footage of SRK with folded hands is now going viral on social media and its ardent fans are expressing its kindness and generosity. While the netizens urged the actor to ‘stay strong’, actress Swara Bhasker wrote a sincere tweet about SRK’s ‘decent actions’. She wrote: ‘Shahrukh Khan is an example of grace and decent behavior. To me, he represents the best qualities of India as an idea. He is an inspiration to me personally. Send him and Gauri love, strength and all my prayers! One of King Khan’s supporters also wrote: ‘He was not obliged to entertain people sitting there; he folded his hands, shaking hands with the mindset he was in. Unbelievable! @iamsrk … we stand by you. I’m not sure if I can stand on merit with Arians, but I stand by you as a father. Best wishes God bless! ‘ Aryan Khan was arrested on October 3 by the Narcotics Control Bureau. He is in custody until October 30.

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