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CDC COVID data is in fact processed into unprofitable ties with gates (VIDEO)

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a feminist writer and journalist and a former political adviser to the Clinton campaign.

Dr. Wolf is also an outspoken defender of individual rights during the COVID pandemic, which is why she alienated herself from the party she once represented.

On Saturday, Dr Wolf joined Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro The War Room.

Dr Naomi Wolf dropped this bomb: ‘The most shocking thing I last shared with you is that the CDC data is actually being expanded with a non-profit benefit along with Gates’ ties. Half a billion dollars from the CAREs Act to the people. They are not restricted by rules on the provision of data, which is probably illegal. And they have an established interest. ”

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This is just shocking. The biggest cheerleader for the vaccine and its organization is being paid to track down the pandemic data!

Via The War Room.

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