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Trump made headlines over America First Policy Institute event

The MAGA movement is still taking over the IDP.

Trump is going to make the headline of an event hosted by the America First Policy Institute.

The Institute is full of former staff members of the Trump administration.

According to a report, Trump will provide insight into what the IDP must do to win in 2022.

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Real Clear Politics reported:

Trump World is planning its own idea festival to be held in Florida next month.

The America First Policy Institute, the brainchild of the former president’s leading domestic advisers, is hosting a policy summit in Mar-a-Largo on November 4 to celebrate what the previous administration considers its most important achievements and to plan for future plans, RealClearPolitics is the first to sign up.

The event, seen as ‘the ultimate gathering’ of conservative leaders, will be a kind of reunion for former Trump cabinet officials, many of whom are now full-time staff members at AFPI, the latest and greatest addition to the growing constellation of conservative groups.

Former division heads attending include David Bernhardt (Home Affairs), Andrew Wheeler (EPA) and Chad Wolf (Department of Homeland Security). But the big draw, the name that will attract dignitaries and donors, is the 45th president. According to a source directly involved in organizing the event, Donald Trump will ‘share his valuable insights on what will definitely be a crucial year ahead of the 2022 mid-term’.

Trump continues to tackle the RINOs in the IDP and wrestle control of part of them.

In September, Trump issued a statement calling them a “dying race.”


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