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Neil Cavuto begs Fox News viewers to be vaccinated after ‘breakthrough’ Covid case (VIDEO)

Neil Cavuto on Sunday begged Fox News viewers to be vaccinated after his ‘breakthrough’ Covid case.

The fully vaccinated Fox News anchor learned on Monday that he had contracted Covid and went into quarantine.

‘Although I’m a little taken aback by this news, doctors say I’m happy too. “If I had not been vaccinated, and with all my medical problems, it would have been a much more serious situation,” Cavuto, 63, said in a statement last week.

In his first appearance on the air since contracting Covid, Cavuto begged Fox News to be vaccinated.

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‘We have lost 5 million on this worldwide! We lost almost 800,000 in the US! ‘Take the political rhetoric and throw it away for now, I beg you, throw it … If you think it’s a pain in the ass, I understand it, but think of others around you,’ Cavuto said.


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