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Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie will not have a funeral service

Brian Laundrie‘s family has decided not to hold a funeral service for him as they are waiting for more information about his death.

The family’s lawyer, Steve Bertolino, said in a statement that Brian’s parents would stop holding a traditional service for him and that his laymen would be cremated instead, media reported on Sunday, October 24th. Brian, the 23-year-old former fiancĂ© of the late influencer Gabby Petito, was on Thursday, October 21, confirmed dead.

In addition, the lawyer said that an autopsy did not conclusively determine how Brian died, and that the remains were sent to an anthropologist to evaluate them.

On Wednesday 20 Oct. investigators found human remains, along with personal items from Brian, at Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, Florida, at a previously submerged location. The next day, the FBI confirmed that it had used dental records to identify the remains.

The discovery of the remains followed a five-week hunt for Brian. His parents tell police they did not see him since September 14, when he allegedly went for a walk in the reserve and did not return.

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