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See Adam Levine react after fan jumped on stage during Maroon 5 concert

This love has taken its toll Adam Levine.

The Maroen 5 Forward did not look at all satisfied when a fan burst onto the stage during his latest concert and grabbed him unexpectedly.

The group performed at the We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl on October 23 when one woman in the audience climbed on stage, as seen in one fan’s Youtube video.

TikTok user Replying to @Team_Twitter captured the viral moment on camera and showed the audience member running to Levine and putting her arms around him while singing “Sunday Morning”.

“This lady jumped on stage during Maroon 5’s performance,” the user wrote. “Adam Levine did not have it.”

The video shows his reaction before a security guard pulled the burglar off the stage. “Adam Levine was in a good mood yesterday,” the user captioned the video.

The fan can be seen in leather pants, a white top and black face mask, while Levine was in his distinctive white T-shirt at the microphone. View the full track here.

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