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‘SOVREN’ new social media platform that can not be censored by big technology introduced today (VIDEO)

While the government tries to force the public to comply with medical tyranny and lockouts, major technology on censorship doubles, setting up algorithms to bury information surrounding the coronavirus and vaccines.

In 2020, technology giants rudely censored a sitting president of the United States without any consequences, making it very clear that they were tied to the hip of the Democratic Party.

An end to Big Tech’s control over digital information flow is nowhere in sight amid politicians’ empty threats of antitrust legislation.

But a video, live streaming and social media platform that advocates free speech and cannot be destroyed today by major technology launches and can be a game changer.

The new platform, Sovereign, is not only a haven for free thinkers, but it is the first social media platform built on invincible blockchain technology, explains Sovren founder Ben Swann.

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Swann, an investigative journalist and founder of Truth in Media, started building Sovren in 2017 because he “saw the censorship before it came here.” But he never thought that the technological conspiracy to censor “wrong information” would be so rude.

“The Marxist progressive movement in this country has seized all the levers of power. The totalitarians have seized it in government, education, academia, in the workplace, in corporate America, ”Swann said in an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit. “It’s a flash. They are going to hit you with so many ideas, concepts, hit you from so many different areas that you will suddenly be amazed at what is happening, and by the time you realize, ‘I need to take action’, it’s over – they have all the levers gripped in our society.

“There are at least 80 million people in this country older than 18 who stand around like ‘what’s happening? We hope it will stop if we just keep quiet and breathe. It will not stop. What they take today, they will take much more tomorrow. Many people do not know what to do. The first step in this, I believe, is to start breaking these control systems. ”


Unlike technology companies that have promoted free speech in the past before being suddenly shut down by major technological conspiracies, Sovren uses “a totally different ecosphere”: blockchain technology. Any platform that seeks to compete with Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter or seeks to gain mainstream prominence cannot be sustained if it relies on those monopolistic corporations, warns Swann.

Parler said: ‘We are going to build our technology company using the technology controlled by Amazon, controlled by GoDaddy, controlled by Google, controlled by Apple. We’re going to build an application and we’re going to post it on Apple’s application store and Google’s application store. We’re going to use their real estate to build our house. ‘ Then, all of a sudden, the landlord comes in and says, ‘Actually, you can’t. We take it away from you, ”he said. “So many of these sites that exist, that come as competitors, make the mistake of building on server systems that can be censored.

“We said forget it – forget about the idea of ​​trying to work with Big Tech and work together. The blockchain enables us to create a system that cannot be removed. It can not be censored. Our servers will be decentralized worldwide, so there is no central location for a server. Our DNA is unstoppable by using unstoppable domains rather than using the traditional domain system. We are building outside the current system. That is what makes us so different from anyone who is there at the moment. ”

Recently, YouTube deleted Swann’s channel to post vaccine and mask “misinformation”.

“My whole channel – ten years of work, hundreds of millions of views on content and I’m being removed from YouTube,” he said. “I was removed from YouTube because I quoted CDC numbers on mask and vaccine efficacy. For quotation their own numbers I was deleted because it was considered a violation of community standards. Then you ask the question, what community standard have I violated? And YouTube does not tell you. They have not set up a reaction system. “

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Sovren does not have arbitrary terms of service and will not act as a mouthpiece for the state, Swann explained.

“We have not only built conditions of use into our system, but a constitution. Our constitution is essentially a charter of rights for the user and the content creator that says, ‘You have rights to this system.’ You have the right to say things that are unpopular and you have the right to say things that people do not agree with. Here’s the other thing, some people will not like this, but you have the right to be dishonest. You have the right to say things that are untrue. This concept to which we have now moved, that freedom of speech does not apply to people who are dishonest, is completely untrue. By the way, the people who push it on us are the most dishonest in our society – they are the ones who lie the most.

“You as an individual are sovereign. You have sovereign authority over your life, over your own body, over your own mind, over your own belief system. Our Bill of Rights is fully designed for individual autonomy. It is written in a way that actually gives no collective rights; it gives only individual rights. The Bill of Rights sets out your own autonomy of that organization and even the desires of the majority. That is the essence of what we are talking about. ”

Instead of deleting your Facebook and Twitter accounts, Swann recommends that users use those platforms to drive traffic to the free-speech-promoting alternative.

The website is www.Sovren.Media. Go there, log in and get a username. You will be able to create your own content, your own channel and follow content creators. We have a whole list of them joining us, ”he said. “Use your social media as it currently exists, not to post important things because important things will not be found there – it will cut you off. Rather use it to say, if you want to hear important things, follow me here – come over to Sovren. ”

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