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The rats flee from the rampage as rep. Mo Brooks denies plotting Trump’s coup

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who spoke at the 1/6 rally and by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) sued denies planning Trump’s coup.

Mo Brooks says he does not know of any of his staff involved in planning Trump’s coup.

Brooks told the Montgomery Advertiser after being nominated by 1/6 rally organizers and planners, “When you talk about someone attending meetings, setting the agenda, raising the money, I know of nothing that indicates that my staff is doing that good.”

Brooks has already thrown Trump under the bus and blamed him for the 1/6 attack.

Rep Brooks tried to defend himself in Rep Swalwell’s lawsuit by claiming that he only followed orders, the 1/6 attack was all Trump did, and the only reason he spoke at the rally was that he felt Trump ordered it to be done.

Mo Brooks abandons the Trump insurgency and tries to save himself.

For months, Rep Brooks has been making several excuses to save his own skin. As the investigation deepens and more facts about the detailed coup plot emerge, Brooks will not be the only Republican seeking cover.

The denials and apologies are going to come quickly. The Republicans are going to deny that they have anything to do with the coup, but the 1/6 committee is collecting phone records and documents. They will be able to uncover the communication pattern among Republicans.

The Trump coup is unraveling, and House Republicans are getting few places to hide.

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