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New WhatsApp chats between Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday reveal they have discussed weeds: Report | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Since the arrest of Aryan Khan in the cruise drug case, his WhatsApp chats came under the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) scanner. Now, according to a report on a news portal, more Whatsapp chats have been recovered from Aryan Khan’s phone where the starkid spoke in a group chat about drugs. Rapport also suggests that Aryan discussed a ‘cocaine plan’ with two others where he jokingly threatened his friends and said he would get the NCB to take action against them. Apart from this, Aryan was also in talks about buying drugs and placed a bulk order for weeds worth Rs 80 000. It was found earlier that Aryan’s conversations with actresses are connected Ananya Panday where the two apparently talked about acquiring weeds. Based on the same post on the news portal. Aryan asked Ananya Panday, “You brought the weeds?”, To which Ananya replied, “I get it.” In addition, Ananya, the anti-drug agency, also gained access to Aryan’s conversations with three other great-grandchildren of the film industry. With Aryan’s arrested, actress Ananya Panday also came under the NCB’s radar and so far she has been questioned twice by the NCB, but she skipped the third interrogation on October 25, citing personal reasons. A tweet by a news agency about Ananya’s absence read: “Actor Ananya Panday did not appear before NCB today in the ongoing drug case. She requested NCB for a further date due to personal obligations. NCB accepted her request; to to issue her new summons for another date: NCB Sources. ” According to earlier reports, Ananya, who was roasted for 4 hours during her second round of interrogations on October 22, was allegedly questioned about some ‘suspicious financial transactions’ in connection with the alleged WhatsApp chats exchanged with Aryan. According to a new agency . the NCB said that the According to NCB sources, in the year 2018-19, Ananya gave contact details of some drug dealers to Aryan Khan, but the actress denied this, but some reports state that Ananya revealed during the interrogation that she probably knows someone who may have supplied drugs to Aryan.Reports also say that the anti-drug agency suspects that Ananya deleted some data and believes that information could be crucial to the investigation. NCB has seized Ananya’s laptop and 2 cellphones and is now working on retrieving certain deleted data from them. Sources also revealed that the actress is cooperating with the NCB and told officials that she never has disadvantages. used or supplied the drugs.

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